Module 1 Resources


The Spanish Alphabet

Spelling (with Accent Marks)

Note: Arriba assignments – Teacher Only Notes
Vocabulary and Culture




  • Numbers 1-1000
  • Time
  • => Time in Spanish

  • Dates
  • Days of the Week (el lunes, los lunes)
  • Months
  • Years
  • Birthdays
  • Age
  • Phone Numbers
  • Holidays
  • Short dialogs (Arriba ch.1 assignments)

    • Be able to write your own short dialogues


    Nouns: feminine/masculine. Singular, Plural (Rules)

    Definite/indefinite articles (language and culture)

    Adjectives: Colors (Canvas: Interactive Color Words)

    Formal and Informal Forms of Address

    • Formal/informal: Read this in Canvas for homework

    Subject Pronouns

    Dialogue 1:

    Prepare for class, and for future exams by studying the following:

    • Know the Meaning of the Conversations
    • Be Able to Answer both Factual and Thinking Questions about the Conversation and the Situation
    • Be Able to Translate Sections of the Dialogue

    Verbs: -AR Verb Conjugations and More

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